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Faith of Christians

I greet you in the joy of Easter! He is risen indeed. Alleluia. He makes all things new.

The Apostleship of Prayer extends our warmest welcome to Pope Francis. The Jesuit superior general, Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, SJ, is also director general of the Apostleship of Prayer worldwide. Here Fr. Nicolás embraces the new Jesuit pope in Rome. All Jesuits take a special vow of obedience to the Holy Father.

As a Jesuit ministry to the whole Church, the Apostleship of Prayer is glad to see the first Jesuit pope. We are also glad that the new pope is from Argentina, South America. The director general delegate of the Apostleship of Prayer, Fr. Claudio Barriga, SJ, is from neighboring Chile. The election of a pope from the western hemisphere as well as from the southern hemisphere reflects the changing demographics of the Catholic Church as we move into this first century of the new millennium. What a time of transformation this is! What an opportunity for revitalized evangelization!

Throughout the world, the Apostleship of Prayer will do its part to spread our simple, profound way of daily prayer. You and I are called to that right here and now. We do it for love of the Risen Christ and for love of the poor and suffering on earth. We pray for all bishops and religious, for one another, and for the intentions of the Pope. By the way, in any papal succession, the new pope adopts the prayer intentions of his predecessor. God willing, Pope Francis will entrust his own prayer intentions for 2015 to the Apostleship at the end of this year. In the meantime, we will post on our web site Pope Francis’ urgent and special prayer requests.

In the Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Fr. James Kubicki, SJ National Director

Welcome from the Director General Delegate

Dear friends,

5167405289_a170107180_o.jpgThe election of our new Pope has filled us with joy and hope. As his official network of prayer, the members of the Apostleship of Prayer have a special commitment to pray WITH him and his monthly prayer intentions, in this case, the ones left to him by his predecessor and that he assumes as his own. We also have a special responsibility to pray FOR him, as he has asked all of us to do, giving him our support.

The charismatic new Pope has drawn much attention. Many who wonder what they can do for the Church may now accept an invitation to join the new Pope’s prayer network. Let us not hesitate to offer the spiritual treasure we have!

As we prayed for the cardinals in conclave, let’s pray our daily offering with the special intention of supporting our Pope Francis’ ministry. On my own behalf and on behalf of our Director General, Father Adolfo Nicolás, I encourage you to fortify your AP prayer and mission, praying specially for the new Pope.

God bless!

Claudio Barriga D., SJ Director General Delegate


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